Cooking session- Nasi Lemak

Mon, 22 April 13


Hi Diary and readers, morning! I am so fine today and I want to write my story. So here’s the thing, yesterday my mom made my aunt, Che Na to teach me how to actually cook Nasi Lemak using her recipe. Does everyone know that Nasi Lemak Che Na is the best that I ever tasted? Not just me, my whole family thinks so. Like, when there is an event such as birthday party, Che Na will make Nasi Lemak because she was asked to. Believe me, she used to open at Sunway Piramid but it was long ago. Now that she becomes my neighbour, why not use this golden opportunity to get her recipes.


my Nasi Lemak


Yesterday, my mom prepared everything just for me to go for the cooking session. I went to Che Na’s house and she thought me how to make Nasi Lemak according to her recipe. We took almost two hours to make it. After all the hard work, we divided the Nasi Lemak we cooked by two. I then took mine back home and let my family members to taste it. Walla, they said the Nasi lemak tasted great. Thanks to my aunt, I can now make Nasi Lemak myself, and I planned to make it for my fiancé. See you later peeps.