Thu, 26 Apr 13


Today, my boyfriend came to my place and we go to KBMall for a date. He brings his older sister, Diha together. She is so pretty and my boyfriend is handsome wearing the red leather jacket I gave him on his last birthday. This is a very special date, so I have to look beautiful for him. I wear peachy peplum design dress with a black mermaid skirt and a black and white leopard shawl. Then we go off to KBMall together at the afternoon. First, we go for a lunch at the food court. My boyfriend treats me chicken rice and a Milo. While we eat, he shows me the table where we used to sit on our last date. I am so happy that he still remembers it. Then, we all go to my favourite shops. His sister seems to like it here. This time, we only do window shopping.


Later, we go to Perdana Resort at Pantai Cahaya Bulan to take my boyfriend’s younger sister home. The beach is a breathtaking view and the sea looks crystal clear. After taking his sister, he sends me home. It is really, really hard to say goodbye. We haven’t seen each other in three months and I miss him a lot more than anyone can think. Apart from that, I cook Black-pepper Chicken which is one of my favourite dishes. I give them some and they bring it back home. I’m not sure about the taste, but I’m pretty sure that it is very hot. My boyfriend says that it taste great. He says that I am suitable to be his future wife because I can cook. I hope so. I wish I can see him again soon. Well, that’s the end of the story.



Cooking session- Nasi Lemak

Mon, 22 April 13


Hi Diary and readers, morning! I am so fine today and I want to write my story. So here’s the thing, yesterday my mom made my aunt, Che Na to teach me how to actually cook Nasi Lemak using her recipe. Does everyone know that Nasi Lemak Che Na is the best that I ever tasted? Not just me, my whole family thinks so. Like, when there is an event such as birthday party, Che Na will make Nasi Lemak because she was asked to. Believe me, she used to open at Sunway Piramid but it was long ago. Now that she becomes my neighbour, why not use this golden opportunity to get her recipes.


my Nasi Lemak


Yesterday, my mom prepared everything just for me to go for the cooking session. I went to Che Na’s house and she thought me how to make Nasi Lemak according to her recipe. We took almost two hours to make it. After all the hard work, we divided the Nasi Lemak we cooked by two. I then took mine back home and let my family members to taste it. Walla, they said the Nasi lemak tasted great. Thanks to my aunt, I can now make Nasi Lemak myself, and I planned to make it for my fiancé. See you later peeps.

Belated birthday with eggs

Tue, 16 April 13

Belated birthday-eggs

Hi Diary, this day is another good day. Why? Let me tell you. It started with a boring day. As usual, I went back to my rental house after class. It was a long day. It was so boring.

That night, my roommates went out. I was there in my room, doing nothing. Then I watch a Japanese drama to kill my time. Not so long after that, one of my friends came to me and she asked me to go out with her. She said that someone found something weird outside. Of course, I wouldn’t just believe it right away as I thought that the situation was kind of weird. Well, no one was inside of home and it was just the two of us. Then I suddenly remembered that last week was my birthday, so maybe they wanted to make a surprise party. So I just went with the flow, and as I thought it was a surprise. As soon as I step out of the house, they started throwing flour and eggs towards. Sincerely, I didn’t really mind with the flour throwing things, but the eggs, I totally didn’t really like it. Seriously, that thing hurt me a lot. Can you imagine someone throwing you a rock? Well, that’s what I felt. I thought that they threw rocks. After all the pain I felt, I took the flour from my friend and start throwing and chasing them all, quite fun.


The day ended with me blowing the candles on the cake, took pictures and ate the cake. I hope that there will be no eggs again.

Wonderful new friends…

Thu, 12 April 2013

Hi diary, this is my first post. First of all, last time (April 12) was my birthday. It was so amazing.  By the way, I share the same birthday with my classmate, Adlina. So here’s the thing, on my birthday eve, I went to class as usual and I thought that nothing special was going to happen on that day. Like normal people did, I came to class, listen to lectures and go back home. But on that day, it was kind of different. Well, pretty much.

As my friend and I were going back to our rental house, my classmates were planning on dinner which involved my whole classmates. I was so hungry that I almost forgot that the day after will be my birthday. Then I willingly follow them all. We went to Mawar Cafe together, and can you believe that we actually went by 7 cars? Yes we did. That was my second time eating at Mawar Cafe. I recommend everyone to try the foods; the surrounding was like you’re in a kopitiam.

As we arrived there, I sat and thought what to order. A friend of mine recommended Soda Bandung, and I tried it. It was so great. Now, it becomes one of my favourite drinks. It was a very good day, and my tummy also produced a little sound. LOL!! Hunger!! We talked and laughed hardly, and suddenly someone came in singing “happy birthday to you” with a birthday cake.

My fellow classmates sang the birthday song for me. It was a little touching. Then Adlina and I blew the candles, cut the cake, and gave everyone a piece. Almost forgot, the cake was Indulgence (secret recipe) and it was my favourite cake. Okay, that was my dinner. Later, we all took photos before leaving. Then we went to the nearest expo. I almost can’t believe that there was another surprise. The boys in my class made the deejay at the expo to wish my birthday publicly. He announced it at the expo, which made everyone at the epo heard it too. This was the best birthday ever!!

indulgence (secret recipe)

That’s my story. Till next time, I’ll write again.