My Very First Boyfriend

Tue, 23 April 13

Hey Diary, I want to introduce you to my prince charming of my heart. He means everything for me. More importantly, he’s my first boyfriend. His name is Muhammad Danial Bin Mohd Khalil, everyone calls him Danny, but his family calls him Abang (brother).

Danny and meWell, as for me, I call him ‘sayang’ which means honey and he also calls me sayang. It is a long story about how we started. We started as friend, just so you know. For your information, my boyfriend is younger than me. I am 21 years old and he’s still 19, going to 20 after this Christmas.


What makes me love him? That’s a really good question. There are a lot of things about him that I love. Firstly, he is so handsome and so romantic. I sometimes think that he is perfect, but no one is perfect. I love him the way he is. I don’t need a reason to love him when god already gives me this feeling towards him. We feel love even if we don’t know why.

I am so crazy over him that I will think of him all the time, like 24 hours per day. He promises me that I will be the last girl he ever has, and I want to believe him because it is so sweet. Who wouldn’t want to believe that? I just wanted to say that, my life has gotten better when he came. I finally have a reason to live.


there’s a lot more that I want to write about him, so keep reading my posts