Thu, 26 Apr 13


Today, my boyfriend came to my place and we go to KBMall for a date. He brings his older sister, Diha together. She is so pretty and my boyfriend is handsome wearing the red leather jacket I gave him on his last birthday. This is a very special date, so I have to look beautiful for him. I wear peachy peplum design dress with a black mermaid skirt and a black and white leopard shawl. Then we go off to KBMall together at the afternoon. First, we go for a lunch at the food court. My boyfriend treats me chicken rice and a Milo. While we eat, he shows me the table where we used to sit on our last date. I am so happy that he still remembers it. Then, we all go to my favourite shops. His sister seems to like it here. This time, we only do window shopping.


Later, we go to Perdana Resort at Pantai Cahaya Bulan to take my boyfriend’s younger sister home. The beach is a breathtaking view and the sea looks crystal clear. After taking his sister, he sends me home. It is really, really hard to say goodbye. We haven’t seen each other in three months and I miss him a lot more than anyone can think. Apart from that, I cook Black-pepper Chicken which is one of my favourite dishes. I give them some and they bring it back home. I’m not sure about the taste, but I’m pretty sure that it is very hot. My boyfriend says that it taste great. He says that I am suitable to be his future wife because I can cook. I hope so. I wish I can see him again soon. Well, that’s the end of the story.



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