Belated birthday with eggs

Tue, 16 April 13

Belated birthday-eggs

Hi Diary, this day is another good day. Why? Let me tell you. It started with a boring day. As usual, I went back to my rental house after class. It was a long day. It was so boring.

That night, my roommates went out. I was there in my room, doing nothing. Then I watch a Japanese drama to kill my time. Not so long after that, one of my friends came to me and she asked me to go out with her. She said that someone found something weird outside. Of course, I wouldn’t just believe it right away as I thought that the situation was kind of weird. Well, no one was inside of home and it was just the two of us. Then I suddenly remembered that last week was my birthday, so maybe they wanted to make a surprise party. So I just went with the flow, and as I thought it was a surprise. As soon as I step out of the house, they started throwing flour and eggs towards. Sincerely, I didn’t really mind with the flour throwing things, but the eggs, I totally didn’t really like it. Seriously, that thing hurt me a lot. Can you imagine someone throwing you a rock? Well, that’s what I felt. I thought that they threw rocks. After all the pain I felt, I took the flour from my friend and start throwing and chasing them all, quite fun.


The day ended with me blowing the candles on the cake, took pictures and ate the cake. I hope that there will be no eggs again.


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